Stork Vitals Baby Monitor

Stork Vitals Baby Monitor

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Designed for comfort and photo-ready moments, the Stork boot comes in three sizes for babies up to eighteen months old (sizes small and medium included in Vitals). Simply pop your current Stork sensor into the Stork boot’s soft, flexible silicone frame as your baby grows. The boot’s sensor lasts sixteen hours on a full charge, and you can recharge to full in only two hours.

In the palm of your hand

Track your baby’s health data on Stork's parent-tested app. The app can save your baby’s data and create summaries with averages and trends. Get answers to your questions. From anywhere, at any time.

Stay connected

Expand your ability to track your baby’s health data with the Hub, which transfers data collected by the Stork boot and sensor to the Stork App. If your baby sleeps over at grandma's, a nearby hub will ensure you can still track your baby’s health data with Stork. Never miss a beat.