Larktale Caravan Sun Canopy Set


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Your little Larktale riders can weather it all with the multi-purpose sun canopies for the Larktale caravan stroller/wagon. This set of two sun canopies attach to protect each seat individually with a UPF50+ rating. Each sun canopy set features built-in protective rain and bug covers that extend over the entire caravan but cleverly stow away when not in use.

  • Includes 2 stroller sun shades, one for each stroller/wagon seat
  • Provides easy access to the interior of the stroller/wagon
  • The first sun canopy in the set of two features a built-in bug cover that safely encloses the caravan in a fine woven mesh to protect passengers from insects and flying debris
  • The second sun canopy in the set of two features a lightweight rain cover for use when unexpectedly caught in rain. The water resistant material covers the full caravan to protect passengers while on the go.
  • UPF50+ rating protects passengers from the sun’s harmful rays