Kushies Easyrise Sleep Positioner Wedge


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This eco-friendly sleep positioner elevates your baby/or child's head while sleeping.  Research indicates that elevating the head may reduce acid reflux and may also alleviate congestion due to colds.  For babies, simply slip under the crib sheet to keep baby's head slightly elevated.  Made in Canada from quality viscose from bamboo and soy based foam.  After your baby moves to a bed, use as a pillow when your child is congested.  This wedge can also be used by adults to elevate the head, legs or knees so you can use it  over and over again.    Size 27" x 13.5"

-sleep positioner that elevates your child's head
-fits under crib mattress
-may help alleviate congestion due to colds
-may help reduce acid reflux
-made with viscose from bamboo