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Research shows that lack of adequate sleep in the first 24 months of a child's life can cause physical and cognitive developmental problems in the future.

Invidyo allows you to enter your child's sleep information easily with just a few clicks. You can then use our intuitive graphs to keep tabs on your child's sleep patterns and make sure that they are getting enough sleep.


Invidyo determines when your baby coughs or cries and sends you a notification right away. It does not stop there. It calculates the total number of coughs and cries and durations of coughing and crying episodes. It presents a daily summary of this data so that you can understand whether everything is on track or you need to take action to soothe your baby or consult a pediatrician.


A happy child is one of the most beautiful things in our world. We just can't have enough pictures of our kids smiling. Invidyo automatically determines when your baby is smiling and captures a high resolution picture. With invidyo you can stop worrying about missing a picture and just enjoy the moment with your child.

What is included in the Invidyo Baby Care Bundle?

Award-winning Invidyo Smart Baby Camera
All Camera and App Features
Face Detection
Cry Graphs & History
Smile Detection7 Days Event Recording
7 Days Daily Summaries
10 Hours Memory Clips