Douglas Scatter Plush Gray Cat


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  • Measurements: 6in H x 3in W x 7in L (8in w/ tail)
  • Machine washable
  • Short, soft fur

Scatter the Little Plush Gray Cat by Douglas

Scatter the Little Plush Gray Cat by Douglas is a beautifully crafted stuffed cat with realistic coloring and a huggable little body that will purr-fectly please kitty cat fanatics. Measuring seven inches long, our little stuffed gray cat has incredibly soft and fuzzy fur with a white muzzle, chest, and paws and a cute little pink nose. This gray cat stuffed animal is the best way to bring home a brand new kitty without having to find a place for a litter box! Plus, Scatter's small size makes it a great travel companion that will keep you company whenever you're on the go. As with the entire line of Douglas stuffed animals, this plush gray cat is made from all new child safe materials, is rigorously tested for quality assurance, and meets or exceeds both the US Government and the voluntary Toy Safety Standards. Scatter the Little Plush Gray Cat is conveniently machine washable and is recommended for ages two and up.