Veer Cruiser City All-Terrain Wagon

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Cruiser City gives your family the fun and all-terrain versatility of a Cruiser but offers the push steering and ample kickspace of a traditional stroller.  Cruiser City is perfect for families that love to push on sidewalks, paths and through local attractions with seating for 2.  Cruiser City features swivel wheels furthest from the handle, which enable it to be steered like a traditional stroller when pushing on smooth terrain. But don't worry, the handlebar can also drop into wagon mode for pulling over uneven terrain.

Wondering which Cruiser is best for your family?  Take our brief quiz.

All Cruiser accessories are compatible with Cruiser City except the Foldable Storage Basket and the Travel Bags.  Click through for previews of the Foldable Storage Basket for Cruiser City and the new Wheeled Travel Bag for Cruiser, both of which will be available for pre-order in March.

Cruiser City comes equipped with two cup holders and a Snack+Drink tray and ships in a branded Veer box.

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