The Teething Egg

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The smooth, patented egg-shaped design is made from a unique USA TPE blend, and is proudly manufactured in The United States with American materials. The texture provides a soft yet firm surface, which is perfect for your infant’s developing gums. When they rub or chew, you’ll hear a subtle squeaking noise.  

Unlike traditional teethers, the curved shape of an egg provides full coverage of both the top and bottom gums. The small end of the egg easily glides around your baby’s mouth, while the large end prevents it from being a choking hazard.

The inner core is lightweight and the outer shell has a convenient thumb grip. This combo allows your baby to easily hold it with one hand. With a rattle inside, they’ll also enjoy some sensory play.   

Tested for infants by safety commissions worldwide, feel confident that your baby’s new teething toy is certified safe. Available in five colors: Baby Blue, Soft Pink, Mint Green, Soft Gray, and Lavender.

Why Does it work?

  • This patented, proven design and shape is the perfect size and weight for little hands and mouths 
  • The base of the Teething Egg is designed for attachments. You can clip-on our Security Blankets, Teething Pals, Lanyards, Grippie Stick, Grippie Ring, Grippie Ship, and even keep it clean in our protective Eggshell. This makes The Teething Egg a dynamic and versatile teether for all ages. Shop our full range of Teething Egg Accessories!
  • The texture of the Teething Egg is similar to your baby’s gums. They love chewing and rubbing their sore, swollen gums against it, gliding in all directions 
  • Teething babies need deep proprioception on their gums to help relieve the pain. Most teethers out there aren’t designed for this. The Teething Egg, however, has a consistent, soft-textured surface with a firm body underneath. This gives your little one the alleviation they need 
  • The Egg Lanyard Clip (included with each egg) attaches to your baby's clothes so it's always in reach and stays clean! You’ll never have to bend over to pick up dirty teething toys again 
  • Orthodontic friendly - Promotes natural development of your infant’s teeth and gums
  • Pacifiers have hard edges that can cause irritation. Replace them with the soft and gentle Teething Egg
  • Has a shaker inside for additional sensory play. The sound will make your baby smile 
  • Place it in the freezer or refrigerator for a cooling, soothing sensation
  • Able to be steam-sterilized if desired
  • Dishwasher safe (Place on the top rack)