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Recognized for compactness and the ability to stroll with children of different ages, the new Caboose Graphite has a lean graphite­ colored frame and continues to lead the pack in a field of wannabes. Parents favor the authentic design that continues to empower older siblings.

The original stand­-on-tandem was designed in 1992 by British engineer and grandfather Bert Fairclough to solve the problem of strolling with his two grandchildren. Bert’s design empowered his older grandson by giving him the choice to stand or sit on the original design. Joovy has been marketing the Caboose line since 2005 and has introduced upgrades and enhancements over the years while the original tandem concept has endured.

Older siblings get a dose of independence and feel like “big kids” when they can choose to sit or stand, face forward or backward, while on this tandem stroller. The Caboose has a built ­in stand­on platform that supports a child up to 45 pounds. The rear bench seat gives kids place to have a seat if they choose.

The Caboose comes with a universal car seat adapter so parents can create a travel system to carry their toddler and newborn at the same time. This allows baby to be in complete view while strolling and have both children close.

Favored by parents for theme parks and travel, the Caboose provides practical mobility with two kids and is easy to navigate through crowds and tight spaces. The Caboose is easy to fold and put in the trunk and it folds more compactly that most double strollers.

The updated Caboose sports a new graphite­ colored steel frame, and now includes a 3­-position front seat, linked parking brake and 4­-wheel suspension.The base weight of this tandem is 25.4 lbs and fully loaded with canopy and tray, 27.6 lbs. Additionally, the Caboose comes with a tray and universal car seat adapter.


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